75% Cost Share for Water Use Efficiency
2014-15 FDACS / NRCS Cost Share
Program Overview:
The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has established a cost-share program to help Florida producers purchase on-site weather stations, temperature sensors and soil moisture monitoring equipment.

Enrolled producers may apply for one ET0 capable weather station and up to five temperature equipped additional stations for each 300 acres of production land on the operation(s).  For weather stations FDACS will provide 75% of the cost up to a $50,000 maximum per producer, with a $5,000 cap per station/sensor set.  Producers may also apply for cost share funding for soil moisture monitoring equipment. 
Requests related to irrigation for frost/freeze protection will be given priority.

Weather Stations
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Frost monitoring
  • Wet bulb/dew point temperatures
  • Rainfall
  • Degree days
  • SMS and e-mail alerts
  • Other IPM applications
Soil Moisture Stations
  • Multiple depths
  • Depth of irrigation
  • Irrigation runtime
  • Infiltration rates
  • Separate layer/Summed trends
  • Scheduling
Other Requirements:
  • Weather equipment must meet FDACS/NRCS specifications
  • Weather data must be capable of being transferred to FAWN weather network every 15 minutes
McCrometer CONNECT Wireless Systems:
Our weather station systems are rugged, reliable, and very accurate.  Thousands of these stations are deployed in North America and around the world.  They meet World Meteorological Organization (WMO) specifications and are approved for use with this FDACS/NRCS cost share program.

Our systems are compatible with a suite of brands/models of soil moisture sensors to meet your specific monitoring needs. Options range from single point sensors such as Watermarks and GroPoint Lites through multi-depth and parameter probes from Adcon, EnviroPro, Sentek, etc.
Local Sales and Support: 
FDACS/NRCS cost share authorized equipment and service is available from two McCrometer CONNECT dealers in Florida. Our dealers can help you choose the correct equipment, submit for cost share funding, and get your systems installed.
The Avanti Company
22 South Lake Ave.,
Avon Park, Florida 33825
email: tdevlin@avanticompany.com
(800) 284-5231
CPS / Geo Ag Solutions
122 Dal Hall Blvd
Lake Placid, FL  33852
email: david.summers@cpsagu.com
(863) 465-0102
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